About Us

Nigeria Association of Social Workers-NASOW provide a forum where Professional and Scholars working with government and non-governmental organizations or those who are self-employed and are working in areas directly concerned with solutions of social problems come together and device means of promoting the quality and quantity of the services they provide.

Our Story

NASOW was founded on the 16th October, 1975 as umbrella professional association for social workers in Nigeria...

Meet the Team

NASoW is strongly propelled by a team of industrious and dignified Executives who stand firmly to keep the interest of the Association at the apex

Michael Ngwaogu


MDA: Fed Min of Youth Dev.

Rev Nduagu Ozioma

Vice Chairman


Tunde Baiye


MDA: Min of Defence

Next Steps...

Registering as a member of NASow gives you a lot of limitless privileges that can transform your career to a positive direction. We make every process easy, and give you the needed attention you need to succeed.